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7-Day Follow Up

Please contact your doctor’s office to book an appointment within seven days of discharge from hospital

if you were admitted for any of these reasons:

·      Stroke

·      COPD

·      Pneumonia

·      Congestive Heart Failure

·      Diabetes

·      Heart attack or Angina

·      Stomach and/or bowel problems, including:

o   Minor Upper GI Intervention

o   Severe Enteritis (inflammation or infection in the bowel)

o   Complicated Ulcer

o   Inflammatory Bowel Disease (Crohn’s or ulcerative colitis)

o   GI Bleed

o   GI Obstruction (blockage)

o   Esophagitis/Gastritis (inflammation in upper part of swallowing system)

o   Cirrhosis

o   Hepatitis of any kind

o   Pancreas problem

o   Bile duct problem